New Talent Night

The Comedy Cove at Scotty’s Presents

New Talent/Audition Night

Live Your Dream!  Be A Stand Up Comic!

Every 3rd Thursday of the Month

Sure you’re funny around your friends, but do you have what it takes to make an audience laugh? If you ever thought, “I wonder what it’s like to be a comedian?”, here you go, it’s your chance.

New Talent Night at The Comedy Cove is your chance to perform in front of a live, paying audience! Some people do it once to make a lifelong dream come true; some do it to become a better speaker; some do it as a form of recreation; and others do it in hopes of launching a comedy career!Regardless of your reason, our goal at The Comedy Cove is to offer an encouraging and professional environment for new and developing comics to hone their craft (our manager has more than 10 years experience in the industry and he’s always willing to offer advice if asked).

Comedy is an incredibly competitive business, and even in the best cases it takes years to become a professional comic. We can’t promise that participation in a New Talent show will lead to a successful comedy career, however, with a good sense of humor, patience, a lot of dedication, and a little bit of luck…you never know!

This isn’t an open mic… it’s a New Talent Show.

HOW IT WORKS: Comics register by e-mailing our Entertainment Director, Gene Nagel at or you call Laurielle at 973-376-3840

It’s a bringer show, so you need to have 5 paid guests come to see you. You get 1 minute of stage time for everyone who comes to see you perform. (i.e. 5 guests = 5 minutes, 10 guests = 10 minutes MAX. on stage)